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Fraternity Apes

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Fraternity Apes is the first NFT project by HighKey which specialize in celebrity giveaways and have been working on celebrity connections, deals, and events for the past 3 years. FAP is going to be hosting massive celebrity parties and networking events for everyone involved.


.09 ETH

march 19th




Fraternity apes - Minting soon
Fraternity apes - Minting soon
Fraternity apes - Minting soon
Fraternity apes - Minting soon
Fraternity apes - Minting soon
Fraternity apes - Minting soon


Phase 1

If you are a holder of 3 apes you get 1 air dropped for free during the second drop.

Phase 2

10% of total money made in sales will INSTANTLY be put in a community wallet that will be public for the community.

Phase 3

Rarity snipers will be launched right after reveal. 3 eth will be distributed to top holders after the main sale in drops of $.33 eth.

Phase 4

FAP will host a banger mansion party on miami beach on friday, march 18th, all holders will get free access (party co hosted by @highkeyparty). 3 Lucky minters from the presale will get a free flight to the Miami mansion party.

Phase 5

Will be hosting exclusive holder events throughout the year in Miami or LA.

If you are a holder of 3 apes you get 1 air dropped for free during the
second drop.

Phase 6

The 333 white listed members get access to a mastermind Zoom
with us and other top business people in the online space to learn and get knowledge about being successful in whatever industry they are in. In the future holders will be air dropped serum to mutate their Apes if wanted.

Crazy parties by highKey

The team

highKeyEnterprises LLC

HighKey Enterprises LLC works with high-level personal brands and businesses to take their social media presence to the next level with USA celebrity giveaways, full service branding packages that include, social media management, website management + SEO and press! The owners of HighKey Enterprises LLC are Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz.

luke lintz

co creator

Jackson lintz

co creator

Jordan lintz

co creator

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Our collection

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What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” which in laymans terms means that it’s a unique asset and can’t be replaced with something else, a one-of-a-kind digital token in the blockchain. NFT’s can be bought, sold, and traded.

Who is behind the creation of frat apes?

Frat apes were created by the owners of highkey.

if you don't kniow what highkey is check out their instagram pages here:

They are a digital branding company, that specializes working with celebrities and influencers.

They have partnered in the past with Lil baby, snoop dogg, kevin hart, dababy, nicki minaj, and so many others.

How do I purchase/mint a Fraternity Ape?

Fraternity Ape will be available for purchase through our website. First you will have to download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome or the MetaMask app, create a wallet, buy Ethereum(ETH) from a cryptocurrency exchange (such as Coinbase or Binance), and send it over to your MetaMask ETH wallet. Then you will just connect to our website with MetaMask and you are ready to mint! Once the minting process has begun, a randomly generated Dino will be created using our rarity algorithm just for you. Did you miss the mint? Don’t worry after all have sold out, there will still be an opportunity for you to buy one from the secondary market of Opensea!

Where do I get a MetaMask?

Go straight to the source! Here is the link: https://metamask.io

When can I buy one?

Main sale drops saturday, march 19th and pre sale drops thursday march 17th.

How much is a Fraternity Ape ?

An Ape is priced at a flat rate of .09 ETH + Gas. Whitelist is .07 eth + gas.

How do I view my NFT after purchase?

Once purchased/minted, your Ape NFT will be sent out to your address or any connected wallet that you purchased the NFT from. You will then be able to log in to OpenSea and view your New NFT! REMINDER It can take a bit of time for the item to show up in your wallet! PLEASE make sure to refresh your metadata if it does not show up! Please feel free to REACH out incase you have any issues; we are always here and more than happy to help!